The Profit Cycle Sales Funnel Steps
Secrets To Building A High Converting Profit Cycle Sales Funnel 

A Sales Funnel, is the visual representation of the customer journey, depicting the sales process from  awareness to action.

A Profit Cycle Sales Funnel, is the cycle through which every sales funnel goes through from introduction to withdrawal.
If done properly can alert a Business owner or Company  as to the  health of the Sales funnel in relations to the market it serves.
It also forces a continuous scan of the market and allows a Business owner or Company to take corrective action faster as consumers may have change spending habits. 

I was using Landing pages , plugins , website editors, squeeze pages , page builder, this are great tools to build websites, sales funnels using various plugins.... BUT.... the process took me several hours every single time as I have to change and add a lot of tools to build the right sales funnel.

I was spending an  average of 4 hours on every website I created trying to build sales funnel  until I started using this formula. Now I can  build and design a professional quality high converting Sales Funnel with the customer in mind.

If you’ve tried this before and been frustrated because you didn’t get enough instruction or
information …That’s not going to happen this time!
I am going to show you 12  Steps Video Sales Funnel Creation Formula, I developed that I use for every product that we sell now.
After you learn this formula you can use it for anything you decide to sell in the future using sales funnel.

A Quick Warning!
This formula works extremely well no matter what you happen to be selling. Even with this formula, however creating a high converting Sales Funnel can be time consuming I've got a solution for that too that I learned along the way.
Once  I walk you through the 12 Steps Profit Cycle Sales Funnel Creation Formula, I'm going to help you save a ton of time by showing you how I am able to write and create  Sales Funnel in less than 20 minutes using cool little shortcuts.

To get Started, we are going to use a tool called ClickFunnels . You can pick it up here for            
ClickFunnels is a software by Russell Brunson. You only need this software to market, sell, and deliver your products or services online.

Find Below  Your 12 Steps Video Of How To Build A High Converting Sales Funnel.
Step 1 :  Getting Your Profit Cycle Sales 
In this step I  will show you how to launch your Profit Cycle sales funnel. It only takes a few minutes and you can have your entire business launched and online.
Here are the reasons this is going to work so well for you: 
1. It's all DONE FOR YOU - which simply means you click a few buttons and your business is setup - live - online. 
2. It's proven - many people are using this right now, most of which paid a premium price to gain access too. To make it simple, you get access to this exclusive training and Profit Cycle Sales Funnel at no cost. 
3. It's not complicated - and let's be honest most people fail online because they don't get the "tech" right?  
Review this module in full and simply follow along... you'll see how simple this is! 

Step 2 : Overview Of Your                         Funnel
In this step I will show you a complete overview of your new Profit Cycle Business Funnel. Remember these are NOT HARD to use and we've literally done everything for you. As long as you remain a ClickFunnels member you'll have complete access to them for no cost at all.
Additionally as you'll see below in future trainings we are going to give you MORE of these funnels completely free!

Step 3: Here's How To Install                  Your New Funnel        
In this step we show you how to install your new Profit Cycle Sales Funnel.
It's super simple so watch this and then implement what you see immediately! 
You should be able to have your very own sales funnel live in less than 10 minutes..
Step 4: Adding A Countdown 
             Timer To Your Funnel
In this step I show you how to add countdown timers to your pages within your new Profit Cycle Sales funnel.
Why would we do this? 
Countdown timers are PROVEN to increase conversions, which in turn is going to increase the amount of money that you earn. 
Watch this and implement it on your new Profit Cycle Sales funnel now! 

Step 5: Editing Your Headlines
In this Step I show you how to edit the Headlines on the pages within your new Profit Cycle Sales funnel.
Why would we do this? 
Headlines are the VERY FIRST THING a person see's when they visit your page and they can drastically affect the amount of time a person spends on your page.  
The longer they spend the more likely they are to convert... so it stands to reason you should test many different things when it comes to headlines. 
Watch this and implement it on your new Profit Cycle Sales funnel now! 

Step 6: Editing Your Split Test                  Settings
In this Step I show you how to split test multiple versions of your Profit Cycle Sales Funnels.
In the "online business" world it's very important to always be split testing. The good news is that ClickFunnels allows you to easily do this, which you will see in this video. 
I've already created multiple versions of new business for you to split test, but watching this video will show you how to also apply this same split testing strategy to any new businesses you create.
Step 7: Editing Your Call To                      Action Button
In this Step I show you how to edit the Call To Action (CTA) buttons on the pages within your new Profit Cycle Business funnel.
Why would we do this
Call To Actions, otherwise known as CTA's, are the point at which someone goes from a visitor to an 'action taker' on your page. 
Your new business has many different CTA placements, but the important thing is that you can edit every aspect of these buttons. 
1. Size / Shape 
2. Color
3. Text On The CTA Button
4. Location
Testing these aspects can increase the amount of action takers you have on your new business page, which will make you even more money! 
Watch this and implement it on your new Profit Cycle Sales funnel now!
Step 8: Editing Your Exit Pop Up
In this step I show you how to edit the Exit Popup on the pages within your new Profit Cycle sales funnel.
Why would we do this? 
When someone attempts to "leave" your page why not give them one more chance to take action and opt in to your list? 
The exit pops that we've implemented work really well and can increase your conversion rates by almost 30% in some cases.  
Imagine if you are making £100 per day..... the simple Exit Pop strategy could increase your revenue by up to £30/day which is £900/month... not bad right? 
You'll learn how to edit and test different things in this module to optimize your exit pops within your new business. 
Watch this and implement it on your new Profit Cycle Business funnel now!
Step 9: Connecting Your                          Autoresponder
In this step I show you how to connect your Auto-Responder to your new Profit Cycle Sales Funnel. This is THE MOST important step in this process in order to make the entire business majorly profitable.
When someone opts in we need to send them email followups to increase the amount of people who take action and therefore the amount of money you make. 
You'll need to connect your autoresponder to your new ClickFunnels account, but don't worry this module is going to walk you through it step-by-step. 
Watch this and implement it right now!
Step 10 : Making More Funnels
In this module I show you how to make MORE Profit Cycle Sales Funnels
It makes sense that if we've given you one (well 2 if you checkout the bonus Step lower down the page) you might want to create more right? 
I have always been a fan of not just giving a man a fish, but teaching a man how to fish so that he can eat forever... or something like that right. 
Well I have given you the fish (the Funnel building Secrets), but I am also going to show you how to create your own. 
In this Step you will learn exactly how to do it from scratch!
Step 11: Making More Funnels 
              Colours And                                 Backgrounds
In this step I show you how to change the background images and colours for your existing and new funnels.
Changing these aspects are great ideas when it comes to testing. Sometimes changing a simple color or image in the background can personalize a page and really increase the conversion rate.
Step 12:  Making More Funnels
                Change Video
In this step I show you how to add and change VIDEO to your pages within your new Profit Cycle Sales funnel.
Why would we do this
Video are PROVEN to increase conversions, which in turn is going to increase the amount of money that you earn. 
Watch this and implement it on your new Profit Cycle Sales funnel now! 

Step 1: Activate ClickFunnels
HERE'S WHY...I've secured  you a FREE TRIAL so you can instantly get your account online. As I said above we use this software for all pages (including the one you are on now) which is amazing.
Our team uses it so get it now! This is where your new Sales Funnel will be created...

Step 2: Launch Your FREE Business
SPECIAL BONUS... I am going to give you a 1 CLICK and done Profit Cycle Sales Funnel! All you've got to do is click the Link  Above and it will automatically install one of the funnels I used to generate £1,000,000 and it's yours completely FREE. You do have to Complete Step 1 first.
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That's where our ongoing support for customers can really be worth it's weight in gold! 
Lets face it you can never have too much support...  
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